A personal note....

Recognizing that some of you may be reluctant to order "sight unseen" I felt it appropiate to share one of the many letters we've received from officers who have ordered

Ken L. Bloomfield




When I was informed on June 6th that I would receive my ring by June 13th. I thought, so much for unlucky Friday the 13th.

This years marks my 25th anniversary with the R.C.M.P. I had been admiring your ad in the Blue Line for some time. When I mentioned to my wife that ring would be nice memento for the occasion, she said, "order it!"

The ring arrived on the 13th as promised. Your glossy photos in the ad do not do justice. On seeing it, I was elated. Words can not express my content.

My partner at work was so impressed that he ordered one. he's waiting anxiously for his to arrive. My neighbour, a retired R.C.M.P. Superintendant, is about to order one as well.

Keep up the good work. Quality like this is not often found.


J. Andrew Black



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